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A beast within the 2015 Mercedes Benz C63 S

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Mercedes Benz is getting the short end of the stick now that all of the hot-rod Merc’s are moving under the Mercedes-AMG umbrella—a transition that began with the new AMG GT—but he might be happy to know that his name still exists on the hood emblem. Perhaps even more comforting, though, is that his spirit is as alive in the redesigned Mercedes-AMG C63 sedan as it is in any Mercedes-Benz–badged vehicle.


Indeed, as with non-AMG C-class models, the C63 cabin is awash in first-rate materials. The wood trim, suede-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel, and sport seats covered in supple leather are high points in an interior that’s more attractive than any in the class. The only misstep too many of our eyes is the 7.0-inch infotainment screen tacked onto the dash like a docked iPad Mini. If it was better integrated or could be motored away from view, the interior might be perfect—as it is.

The W205-generation C-class grew a bit in every key dimension, and the workaday versions leverage their softened styling to give the impression of a baby S-class. But carrying the same basic lines to the AMG make it not quite the aesthetic ass-kicker that the last-gen model was, with that car’s square-jawed bad-boy look toned down with rounded intakes and fenders. Roughly three additional inches of wheelbase and four more inches of overall length give the new C63 some extra space on the inside, however, particularly in terms of rear-seat legroom.


While rear-seat passengers may be comfortable in terms of stretch-out space, they bear most of the brunt of the firm ride character imparted by the AMG-tuned suspension and 35-series rubber wrapping 19-inch wheels. For the most part, the taut ride doesn’t cross the line to outright harsh, but those who live anywhere with cratered roads will wish for a suspension mode mellower than the softest of the three available settings.

source: Car and Driver



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