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A simple fashion style with LalaBae

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Yolanda Gcwabe also known as “LalaBae” from Mdantsane NU10, who is currently studying at a Sewing School with the aim of starting her own clothing line in the near future. She is fun and an outgoing person who loves fashion.

Look #1: Bum short Dungaree, Long Sleeved Spandex Crop Top and Timberlands. A tattoo as a nice accessory to the outfit and some cool eye wear.

look 1

My personal style is “Urban-Street” fashion, I love being comfortable in my own skin urban street allows me to be free in expressing myself, although I do have some days that I just want to be a lady be all formal – said LalaBae.

I set trends with my hair; I have changed so many hairstyles every week, doing crazy things also changing colours. This year I decided to just cut my hair. Even though people think that I took the hairstyle from Moozlie Mabena, but honey I did it first, and she laughs.

Look #2: Gothic Look, All black everything with an extra revealing Crop Top, with a Bum Short, Thigh-high stockings, and Patent platform ankle boots.

look 2

I believe everyone should have a pair of bum shorts in their wardrobe although not all of us can pull it off, you got to have a great skin to wear it. Trends I see that are making their way back is a camouflage; pair it with your Timberlands and you are ready to hit the streets.

DON’T wear crop tops if you have an unappealing stomach rather wear a cover-up on top of it. It’s not wise to catch a “FOMO” on trends while your body type is not suitable. Rather opt for an item that embraces you. Here in East London it’s hard to say you are free to wear a controversial outfit like my second all black outfit, people start calling you names and it is irritating, other provinces are open to such trends, it just shows how behind we are here with the world.



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