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Lereen Naidoo a symbol of change in the community

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Lereen Naidoo is one of the influential women who is playing a significant role in bringing about a difference in the community and who is making a major impact in changing people’s lives for the better. She became a finalist for the Business Women Awards in 2011 and she is a qualified social worker who has graduated from Rhodes University. Now she is currently working as a director of Salem Baby Care Centre which is based in East London. Salem Baby Care Centre was the brainchild of Ria Stanton, who founded this place in 1991 and identified it as a place of safety for less privileged mothers and their babies. It encourages their mothers not to abandon their babies instead they can send them to Salem so they can be taken care of because they believe in the spirit of UBUNTU. Salem is a Non Government Organization that depends on offered donations, charity and through implementing dance events every year as a way of raising funds. They have nine employees who are teachers for these children of grade R up to grade one and they earn their salaries by fundraising.

In times of outreach programs they do not only empower women but they also teach them life skills like how to deal with their children in times of crisis. When the child gets sick they are told how to take care of them including themselves. As a result of this there has been a decrease in the number of mums infected with Aids, because they have realized how to make positive choices in life and how to deal with their illness as they are also offered medical care. Some mums give up their unborn babies for adoption because they have no means to raise them.

However Salem Baby Care Center is an innovative organization that has done a lot in improving people’s lives around the city of East London. It continues to assist the less privileged as a way of eradicating poverty. They also implement annual events such as dance as a way of raising funds and promoting upcoming local talents. On women’s day they also hosted an event as platform to empower young women to become self respecting women of tomorrow and to give them hope.

Contribution: Nelisa Qangule



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