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Asanda Peter: I believe it is ideal for me to dress appropriate

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Meet 33 year old Asanda Peter, a self employed black female who owns “Khanyisikamva Events & Promotions”, including catering.¬†Through her busy schedule, she manages to always be on point.

Sindi: “How would you describe your style?”

Asanda: ” We’ll I always want an exclusive look I see myself as a trend setter to many very particular of what I wear not really a fashion icon but I try to keep up with certain trends that define me as an individual. I don’t have a particular style but solely dress according to my mood varies all the time.”


Sindi: “What inspires your way of dressing?

Asanda: “My mother is and will always be my inspiration in how I dress. She has always taught me that dressing smart earns you respect from strangers. I also get inspiration from people I meet everyday and admire their style but re- arranged it to fit my character.”


Sindi: “How important is it for one to dress appropriately?”

Asanda: “As a business woman I believe it is ideal for me as I meet different people that I approach for business because I need them to listen to me its appropriate that I should dress the message. Making a good impression is always important to me and that is why I always make sure I look my best every time I leave my flat. Dressing appropriately for me makes me feel very confident in myself and my business. At time when i’m dressed well I have noticed that people think I have my act together and strangers are always interested to know me. I have had the honor of friends and random people asking me for style advice and also noticed that I get compliments regularly on social networks. I therefore feel the urge to always stay in shape and stay healthy at all times.”


Sindi: “What do you think is trending this season?”

Asanda: “I think bright colour heels, Crop tops, White high-waist jeans, Bum shorts, the Nike Roche and Adidas Superstar sneaker. Also a lot of ladies are rocking the short hair.”


Sindi: “What are your do’s and don’ts about fashion?

Asanda: “Never ever copy your friends style no matter how much he/she inspires you because people will see you shadowing them and think you are suffering from an identity crisis. Always wear clothes that define you and your character that way people can understand you simply by the way you dress.”


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