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Thabisa Faltein is a public servant working for Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature and also a Public Administration student at the University of Fort Hare. Her personality is full of love and bubbly, a God fearing young lady, who is a church leader and a very outspoken person. Thabisa is a lover of great things and she is fashion forward.

Look #1: This look was inspired a young lady from Ghana, miss independent like me. She always rocks nice dresses and this one was no exception and was designed by Sandisiwe Kolman.

look 1

Ms. Faltein’s style is simple, decent, elegant and classy. She is comfortable in her style and she loves the fact that it doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Outside the office, she is a sneaker and skinny jeans kind of a person.

Look #2: Navy happens to be her favourite colour and the navy suit just complemented her look as it shows independence. She is a blesser, simply because of her independence. Her Peruvian weave, a pair of shoes or nail pedicure are one of the supplementary spoilers and take care of them. To get that office look try to get something that you will be comfortable in you don’t have to wear something expensive wear something that is not too revealing yet commanding. When it comes to makeup like to keep mine minimal mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. I love a unique thing that is why I like to have my things designed for me so that I do stand out.

look 2

Look #3: This was a birthday present for my 25th birthday at the beginning of this year from Sandisiwe Kolman. This is just queening all the way, Mermaid design with purplum and long sleeves, it has this traditional part of it, three layers of the bottom lace, including chiffon because she knows I love lace it has to be there.

look 3

There is nothing wrong with following trends but don’t wear things that will end up not looking so nice. Be comfortable in what you are wearing so that you don’t end up being insecure about what you are wearing.

More images from the shoot check our social media @BEATMagazineSA

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Bathandwa Ntsangane, born and bred in East London, fashion is my lifestyle, I love retail I also love working with people. I am a funny, friendly loving person, very ambitious and driven. I am all about fashion, clothing, designs and supporting local talent. My style is basically how I feel every day, it’s very colourful, original, quality and it expresses who I am.

Tista [3]

Look #1: As the founder of BOYXINI CLOTHING, I have to represent all the time. I don’t go anywhere without my gear, right now I am rocking my Boyxini Cap, with the Boyxini White Sweater, tight jeans and Timberlands.

Trends at the moment are peak caps, long line curved Tees, ripped jeans and camel tops. I am very excited on what’s to come for winter, look out for sweaters, bomber jackets and happy socks with sneakers normally they are worn with formal shoes. The Semi-casual looks like your jeans with shirts, T-shirt, blazer, bomber jacket is a style I believe will be followed a lot. In accessories sunglasses are picking up, headwear like peak caps and fish caps are making a trend lately. Ladies are also rocking bomber jackets as well which is something I think will escalate really well as we move on to winter.

Tista [4]

Look #2 – Semi-formal look with the happy socks which compliments the shirt, as you can see the short sleeve shirt has a bit of a colourful detailing which also brings out some tradition, showing culture and simplicity at the same time, which is kind of different.

I am supporting other local labels as well, such as this belt from “Silver stallion” and the shoes “Aldo” which is a bit of a vintage look and it also complements my shirt. The happy socks go nicely with the denim with a roll up at the bottom.

Trends that I have set are happy socks (those colourful/fun/trendy socks), they were not that popular in East London. I try to expose them a bit by rolling up the jeans. The trick in wearing them is; you either match your happy socks with your shirt or your happy socks can complement your whole outfit. Another trend that I like is short sleeve shirts, it is really not that popular yet. People prefer the long sleeves then roll them up. I just want to popularise the short sleeves which go well with anything whether formal or casual.

Look #3: this a basically more of a white theme with a break of a light blue denim, white sneakers, white shirt and a bit of a pull-over look just in case you go out and it gets a bit chilly. It also shows that you are clean with this fresh all white swag

Tista [5]

Rolling up your jean at the bottom is the In thing, just to create that extra vibe to your look it allows you to expose whatever you are wearing down there whether it’s the socks or the shoes you wearing, normally you roll up when you are wearing sneakers rather than wearing cuff pants that will hold you tightly. Back in the days our parents dressed a certain way, they couldn’t wear revealing clothing like shorts, so they always dressed modestly like dresses, suits and hats. Now in our generation there are no criteria where you can’t wear this; you can wear that. You are allowed to express yourself through fashion, you have the freedom to do as you please with the way you want to look, or even come up with trends like colouring your hair purple or whichever colour, no one is going to judge you on that.

Even though we are free to wear as we desire, but there are trends that you wish you wouldn’t see on the streets, trends such as the see-through outfits that expose your breasts or butts and the T-shirts that are overly torn showing off your chest and tummy. I believe they are overrated, it should just be kept mellow and simple. I think Yeezy is influencing a bit too much with this one.

You can find Tista on social media:

Facebook: Tista Kd Ntsangana

Instagram: iBhudda_Tista

Twitter: iBhudda_Tista

The photoshoot was done at East London International Convention Centre. For more information about ELICC go to: www.premierhotels.co.za

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Yolanda Gcwabe also known as “LalaBae” from Mdantsane NU10, who is currently studying at a Sewing School with the aim of starting her own clothing line in the near future. She is fun and an outgoing person who loves fashion.

Look #1: Bum short Dungaree, Long Sleeved Spandex Crop Top and Timberlands. A tattoo as a nice accessory to the outfit and some cool eye wear.

look 1

My personal style is “Urban-Street” fashion, I love being comfortable in my own skin urban street allows me to be free in expressing myself, although I do have some days that I just want to be a lady be all formal – said LalaBae.

I set trends with my hair; I have changed so many hairstyles every week, doing crazy things also changing colours. This year I decided to just cut my hair. Even though people think that I took the hairstyle from Moozlie Mabena, but honey I did it first, and she laughs.

Look #2: Gothic Look, All black everything with an extra revealing Crop Top, with a Bum Short, Thigh-high stockings, and Patent platform ankle boots.

look 2

I believe everyone should have a pair of bum shorts in their wardrobe although not all of us can pull it off, you got to have a great skin to wear it. Trends I see that are making their way back is a camouflage; pair it with your Timberlands and you are ready to hit the streets.

DON’T wear crop tops if you have an unappealing stomach rather wear a cover-up on top of it. It’s not wise to catch a “FOMO” on trends while your body type is not suitable. Rather opt for an item that embraces you. Here in East London it’s hard to say you are free to wear a controversial outfit like my second all black outfit, people start calling you names and it is irritating, other provinces are open to such trends, it just shows how behind we are here with the world.

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The soft and delicate fabric is making a comeback, what makes this trend worth investing in is the fabric, which can be worn year-round. Suede is now season-less, much like how leather has been in the past few years.


Fierce figure flattering suede midi skirt. this look is so on point right now and it’s button up details. grab yourself a white shirt and some strapped heels for a total style fix and to ensure all eyes are on you.


Mauve suedette midi skirt. in sumptuous faux suede which is a huge trend this season. this luxe style will have you feeling fine all summer long. style with a white body suit and sleeveless duster coat.


Tan mini skirt with wrap front and pocket features this skirt is totally workin’ it. style with a black/white high neck top and some black boots for a totally on fleek look.

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Seasons change especially right now we are in between seasons, so you might be indecisive on how to wear because we wake up with a sunny weather then, all of a sudden the weather changes to cloudy. Now you just wish you had a jacket on. We talking Sleeveless Duster Coats, this is one item that is perfect when it comes to Autumn fashion, you get the best of both worlds. I just love the idea of being able to move shoulders and arms about more freely in cool weather.


Now, you might be thinking: “Coats without sleeves? Really, fashion?” But sleeveless coats have a lot to offer on the practicality front. They can be formal or casual depending on the day. And they come in different forms, long or short length and different fabrics and styles. And it’s so easy to wear this because it just adds on to your outfit. Even though you are just wearing your simple jeans with a sweater throwing in that third piece, your sleeveless coat, the coat will elevate your look.

Other ways to you can wear your coat, is snapping it with a belt or leaving it open and loose. Wear a thick sweater with tights, over the knee boots and a scarf. Sleeveless Coats are like accessories, they go well with basically anything underneath, whether you at the office with your dress or trousers and a shirt or you having lunch on your jeans paired with a Polo-neck. you will be on point.

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In the corporate world, every woman needs to have a Pussy Bow Neck Tie (big, floppy bows), in their wardrobe. just to unleash their inner-man and celebrate the unisex bow tie. The retro style never fades out. It was made popular by the 1980s-era career women- giving it a youthful, quirky, almost tomboyish spin by pairing it with wide-leg suits and metallic midi skirts.

Style tips:

  • Long leg trouser with an elegant pussy-bow blouse.
  • A white chiffon bows blouse with a navy blazer and a trouser/midi skirt.
  • Pussy-bow dresses.
  • Polka dot blouse and a cardigan; perfect for autumn.
  • You can do a DIY with this versatile style by simply using your scarf.
  • Making your outfit look edgy and ready to take charge.


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BogartMAN was officially launched last Friday the 4th of March 2016, in Hemingways Mall. Talking to Di Pak from the heart of the brand he explained that BogartMAN is targeting young man from the age of 25 and above.

He also stressed that the brand is driven by its clients and develops its own trends in the marketing offering unique, classy and boldly distinguished garments. The items range comes more often to each and every BogartMAN store catering for different markets associated with each and every area, as a result, the East London was in demand because of the demand of existing client from the Eastern Cape with other stores like the one in Mthatha (BT Ngebs Mall) and in Port Elizabeth (Baywest Mall).

Website mobi

The grand opening included Mobi Dixon, who is a nationally acclaimed DJ from the Eastern Cape offered entertainment to the attendees and is rumoured to one of the brand’s ambassadors. All will be confirmed soon as long as all talks are sorted – said, Di Pak. Mobi Dixon expressed his happiness in working with the brand and he is hoping for good things to happen in their growing relationship – Enough said.

Website in article...

Connect with BogartMAN online and social media:
Facebook: BogartMAN |  Instagram: @BogartMan |  Twitter: @BogartMANSA
Website: BogartMAN’s Website

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SOPA is not all about politics, fashion is always a big talking point because it is a time where politicians come out in style

The State of the Province Address isn’t just about politics; the fashion is always a big talking point because it is a time where politicians come out in style.

The red carpet fashion social commentary has intensified over the years and it’s been very interesting. 2016 SOPA proves that members of parliament can pull-off a red carpet look. Interesting garments were worn, from modern traditional to sophisticated looks, and it seems like different hues of red and blue were the colors of the day. MEC Pemmy Majodina ruled the red carpet again this year with her flamboyant red and lacy royal blue outfit with a matching umbrella. Everyone wanted to be under that umbrella.

See images below to who was wear what:

BEATMagazineSA always keeps you updated with the Eastern Cape.

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Walk into eLifestyle Boutique in East London, Quigney and you feel you’ve stepped into a perfectly instagrammed photo on your favourite style blog. The place looks beautiful and colourful with Modern and Vintage Clothing, you find everything in one place. There are stacks of cool essentials like the famous “Tutu” skirts, Lace tops, Bodycon Dresses, Leather Shorts, Waist Trainers, Designer Shoes and Handbags and Weaves.

ELifestyle Boutique Article-2

The Boutique also includes a salon inside, image consultancy and nails.

“I am Ntandokazi Ngoma from uMthatha, now based at Bhisho. I studied “Communications “at the University of Fort Hare. Then I realised I need to start my own business and I knew what I wanted to do, because I was always interested in the manufacturing process of the business and getting the clothes to the stores” – she said.

The idea of doing a boutique with a salon in one place came, because I grew up at “Engcobo” and it was always a struggle to have to come to East London to shop and spend hours at the salon, whereas I still have to travel back home. So I knew I had to do something about it. And so I opened up “ELifestyle Boutique”.

ELifestyle Boutique Article-3

We cater for different clients, whether you are a plus size, small, tomboy or classy. We encourage women to embrace their bodies to feel comfortable in how they look. ELifestyle is fan based we connect with our clients through social media and we have opinion polls were we what to hear what you want. Our style depends on what is in or what our people/clients want for that period. And you can order online.

When we started off last year in December, we had suppliers who are not from here, then we decided that, let’s be local so now some of our clothes are made by “Thabo” he’s a fashion designer also building he’s own brand. We would have other collections from certain brands as well. I would love to partner with local designers in selling their clothes here so I encourage people to come here.

ELifestyle Boutique Article-5

What we showcasing at the moment are “Tutus”, which were requested by our clients. What I love about them is the colour and the fact that we have different sizes up to size 44 and you can wear them with anything.

What i am hoping to achieve for my business is, I don’t what “Elifestyle” to be based in Quigney only; but to be in each and every town especially in small towns, so that people there can easily access the boutique. Our vision is not only to expand but to cater to different people including children at some point.

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Meet Awonke Ntozini a Law Student at the University of Fort Hare, co-owner of an Events Company called “Selahqa Concepts”, she is also Freight Assistance driver at Transnet. “I enjoy travelling and reading books, but with the kind of work I do, it is hard doing some of the things that I enjoy”- Awonke said.


“You have a very interesting dress sense: How would you box Awonke’s fashion style?”

“Do I even have one? See the trick is, I understand my body so much that I know what will suit me and what will not. I like a bit of everything as long as it suits me. I can go from being sporty to being casual etc. if it looks good on me then trust me I will rock it.”IMG-20151121-WA0003

“How important is it to have your own style? Versus following trends?”

“I wouldn’t say it is or not because some people are not that creative and need other people to give them ideas on what to wear, and when hence you find people following trends and you find those that have their own styles. Whatever works for you STICK TO IT! ”


“When you wake up in the morning; what inspires your look for the day?”

“Hahahaha…I would say my mood because don’t always dress up. When I wake up in a good mood then I dress up just so someone else can see my mood from the way am dressed, and then there are those days that I feel too lazy and just grab whatever is in front of me. And of course when there is an event then I make sure that I go all out because I HAVE A REPUTATION TO MAINTAIN *hides* ”


“LOL ok, speaking about a “reputation”. To the people that follows your style; what tips can you give them to always be on point?”

“I would say it’s important for one to get to know their body more and understand it. No matter what size you wear something that will compliment your body. That’s what I always do”.


“According to you; what is a must have this summer?”

“A pair of gladiators, it can either be worn with shorts, a dress or a mini skirt but not with a pair of skinny jeans please ladies”.


Awonke’s style is defined by her sense of humor and mood. What do you think of her style, please share your ideas with us using the hashtag #FashionTuesday and Cc: @BEATMagazineSA and @LotusCindy