Road to BEATMagazineSA Awards 2016

The process begins with artists, comedians, groups, fashion brands, organisers and promoters submitting entries, which are then screened for eligibility. The awards committee with then take all the entries to data capturers to load the information to the system then immediately after that a verification/Screening meeting take place in double checking if all the submitted information is legible and a true reflection of the claimed status, then process all correct forms will be coded accordingly for first round voting (via SMS) to determine the 3 finalists on each category, then announcement of nominees and then final voting process which determine the winners who will be announced on the night of the awards.

  1. Submission of entries (4 January – 20 April 2016)

A call to artists, comedians, groups, fashion brands, organisers and promoters submitting entries is opened to the public. Each category entered for has a non-refundable entry fee after the closing date of the entries. One will be required to send profiles and images of themselves or their work depending on the category.

  1. Screening of entries (20-30 April 2016

Reviewing sessions by experts in various fields to ensure quality and legibility of the submitted information by the entrant. Then process all correct forms will be coded accordingly for first round voting to allow the public to assist in choosing the top 3 finalists on each category.

  1. Nominating – First round voting (1-22 May 2016)

We send each and entry entrant a specific voting code to push themselves to make to the final top 3 nominees. The public participate 100% in choosing their desired finalists.

  1. Announcement of nominees – Saturday 28 May 2016

After first round of voting, nominees are invited to a nominations gala dinner to hear who made it to the final top 3 per category. This is an event opened to nominees and their partners (when indicated) to come and network with other entrants while waiting for their names to be called up.

  1. Final Voting

On the night of nominee announcements, voting lines for final voting will be opened and nominees will have to promote and campaign for their categories. This includes a series of interviews, newspaper articles, radio interviews, social media campaigns and so on. This is the most exciting part because it builds competition and open opportunities for nominees to build their fan base and to be visible to the public. Opportunities for endorsements, sponsorships and gigs take place during this time if nominees are ready to exploit those opportunities.

  1. The Awards – the night of the awards (9 July 2016)

Results remain unknown until the presentation of the awards ceremony when names of the winners are presented after being audited by independent auditors. BEATMagazineSA Awards winners will also be announced on social media on real time and together with a delayed announcement on radio during the event, then immediately seconds after the end of the show all winners will be pushed on: www.beatmagazinesa.co.za. Then invited media coverage media will also release them accordingly to their editorial schedules.