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BEATMagazineSA reveals official nominees

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Yesterday, BEATMagazineSA hosted the nominations gala in Tonga Nite Club where more than 1000 people attended the event. The events were hosted by Sinethemba Gayiza and Berry Boo aka Betty with Nozuko Mtiki and Silk Damoyi as announcers. Eastern Cape citizens were dressed up with hi-fashion eclipse in one of the best nights poised by talent. Entertainment heads, the public and the sponsors together with the nominees experience the first nominations gala to be hosted on the Eastern Cape soil.

The first Annual BEATMagazineSA Awards ceremony that is set to take place in Guild Theatre, East London on the 12th July 2014 at 8pm. 36 official nominees were announced yesterday, Blomzit and Sizzle received 2 nominations each with Disco Gumba Gumba as the most voted nominee of the night.

Thix’unathi, Sizzle, Zycho and Lolo Vandal performed in the evening with Zeeman, Chriss, Pocxman and Mobi Dixon played as well.

Check out the full list of nominees of the First BEATMagazineSA Awards with codes:

Promoter of the Year

  • Poetry ka Nkqo  – SMS “PROMOTER NKQO” to 33118
  • On the Rise – SMS “PROMOTER RISE” to 33118
  • Mr. Shein – SMS “PROMOTER SHEIN” to 33118

Event of the Year

  • Miss Mdantsane – SMS “EVENT MISSMDANTSANE” to 33118
  • Summer Reunion – SMS “EVENT REUNION” to 33118
  • Homecoming – SMS “EVENT HOMECOMING” to 33118

DJ of the Year

  • Zeeman – SMS “DJ ZEEMAN” to 33118
  • Blomzit – SMS “DJ BLOMZIT” to 33118
  • Mobi Dixon – SMS “DJ MOBI” to 33118

Fashion Brand of the Year

  • Selusazi – SMS “FASHION SELUSAZI” to 33118
  • Roxtar – SMS “FASHION ROXTAR” to 33118
  • Chiwawa – SMS “FASHION CHIWAWA” to 33118

Project of the Year

  • Raiderz 2 by DJ Nko – SMS “PROJECT RAIDERZ” to 33118
  • Manskap by Manskap – SMS “PROJECT MANSKAP” to 33118
  • Thinking Out Loud by Blomzit – SMS “PROJECT THINKINGOUTLOUD” to 33118

Radio Personality of the Year

  • Sizwe – SMS “PERSONALITY SIZWE” to 33118
  • DeeQue – SMS “PERSONALITY DEEQUE” to 33118
  • Sebz – SMS “PERSONALITY SEBZ” to 33118

Radio Show of the Year

  • Disco Gumba Gumba – SMS “SHOW DISCOGUMBA” to 33118
  • Spaza Show – SMS “SHOW SPAZA” to 33118
  • Your Opinion – SMS “SHOW YOP” to 33118

Performance of the Year

  • Lali Boy – SMS “PERFORMANCE LALIBOY” to 33118
  • Loizor – SMS “PERFORMANCE LOIZOR” to 33118
  • Sizzle – SMS “PERFORMANCE SIZZLE” to 33118

Best Comedian

  • Tsepiso Nzayo – SMS “COMEDIAN TSEPISONZAYO” to 33118
  • Mkhulu – SMS “COMEDIAN MKHULU” to 33118
  • Mbu ManyLaughs – SMS “COMEDIAN MBUMANYLAUGHS” to 33118

Best Female Artist of the Year

  • Thixunathi – SMS “FEMALE THIXUNATHI” to 33118
  • Asanda Bam – SMS “FEMALE ASANDABAM” to 33118
  • CeeBoo – SMS “FEMALE CEEBOO” to 33118

Best Male Artist of the Year

  • Mavee – SMS “MALE MAVEE” to 33118
  • Milla – SMS “MALE MILLA” to 33118
  • Sizzle – SMS “MALE SIZZLE” to 33118

Radio Station of the Year

  • Kumkani FM – SMS “RADIO KUMKANIFM” to 33118
  • Izwilethemba FM – SMS “RADIO IZWILETHEMBAFM” to 33118
  • Mdantsane FM – SMS “RADIO MDANTSANEFM” to 33118

NOTE: The only accepted codes for voting are the one listed above any other created codes by the voters will be regarded as VOID. Please double check the code before you vote. Voting lines will open at 8pm, 1 June 2014) and they will close midnight on the 4th of July 2014.


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