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Brands that enjoyed the luxury of advertising and marketing in 2015

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Fashion, beverages and technology has been one of the most perceived businesses in 2015 with a number of brands dominating the market. These brands enjoy the luxury of advertising and marketing on social media, events and they were perceived as part of the lifestyle. To mention a few brands like Apple and Samsung competed over the marker and a new competitor Huawei gave them a run for their money and recruited MiCasa’s J-Something as their creative director.


Denim and jeans where a way to go when Levi’s and Relay Jeans use to be a big deal in the market, in 2015 all of that changed G Star Raw become the most valuable brand to wear as each and every corner you see people wearing the brand and posting it on social media. The emergence of these terms “Zi right igirls, Zisela nton’igirls”  were associated with class and flossing over high end beverage brands like GH Mumm, Belvedere Vodka and the most popular one Moet.


These are some of the brands that we’ve noticed, if you have other brands that were big in 2015 please share them on our BEATMagazine Facebook Page comment area.



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