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Buffalo City Metro employees took it to the streets

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The angry municipal employees to their protest to a level compared to destruction as spoiled East London with garbage exchange and burn’s bins. As of half past four earlier this evening, metro employees warm down from Quigney up to Oxford Street in pursuit of their salaries back-paid two levels up from May 2011 from the date the municipality assumed the metro status.

Over the few weeks, things have been so difficult for the metro just after reeling from a water crisis that affected businesses and households in the city. Commuters are faced with traffic jams and road blocks from main entrants and exits while authorities tried to maintain the issue. We are hoping that this disrepute between the union and the municipality can be resolved soon. More information will be released as soon as we get an update from the unions. If you happen to get a tip-off you can send us information to: editor@beatmagazinesa.co.za



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