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Entries for #BEATMagazineSAAwards2015 are now opened

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In 2014 we successfully hosted the first annual BEATMagazineSAAwards on the 12th July in Guild Theatre with 12 awards presented to deserving winners as voted by the public. This year, we aim to exceed the expectations with a new slogan for awards this year “Be involved. Be proud. Be inspired. This year we are getting deeply and continuing where we left of last year by adding a step further for #BEATMagazineSAAwards2015 with an accelerating and raving interest from Eastern Cape enthusiast in seeing the “Eastern Cape Brand” growing bigger and better.

We are calling all those who contributed to the Eastern Cape brand over the previous period of 12 months in developing themselves, their communities, in developing content, in developing their brands and most importantly in a platform that will push them even further. This is a platform for universities, comedians, radio stations, radio personalities, artists, dancers, fashion designers, fashion brand owners, radio shows and national Eastern Cape born celebrities to be recognised for their contribution to the Eastern Cape brand. Therefore, we invite you to submit an entry form will all the information as stated below and on the entry so as to help us to circulate accurate information about your brand.

NOTE: All entrants must make sure that they provide us with correct and accurate information including contact details. If there is any change please e-mail the updated details to: beatawards@beatmagazinesa.co.za or fax it to: 086 771 4913 or deliver/post it to: Guild Theatre, Dawson Road, Selborne, East London, 5201. Attention: BEATMagazineSAAwards Office

 Artists: should make it a point that their music/material is registered with SAMRO and produced in high quality playable by broadcasting stations. Secondly, sample clearances are advised to artists that sampled other artist’s work. Radio categories: please make it a point that you write the name of the station and frequencies together with times of your shows also add your online streaming sites. Fashion Brands: pleasure make sure that your material is ready for the retail market and check trends and prices of products on shelves before putting a price tag or have a retail plan for sustainability.

Entry are available in Guild Theatre or available for downloads online at (www.beatmagazinesa.co.za/awards/) as from Monday, 2nd March 2015 until the 20th April 2015 at 4:00pm. No applications will be accepted after the closing date.

How to Enter

Entry forms are available to be collected at East London Guild Theatre or to be downloaded online at: www.beatmagazinesa.co.za/awards/ and they must be submitted via post/delivered to: Guild Theatre, Dawson Road, Selbourne, 5201 or by e-mail to: beatawards@beatmagazinesa.co.za alternatively faxed to: 086 771 4913 in no later than the 20th April 2015. All entry forms must be accompanied by:

  • Nominee profile | Company profile | Station Profile;
  • A fully filled entry form;
  • Correct contact details and state preferred form of contact;
  • If you are an artist and you want to be nominated at least have a song that was released before the 2nd of March 2015 and not later than February 2014. Submit the song via mail or via links (make sure it is SAMRO registered), as for DJ’s a 15 minutes mix is required with the form and we encourage DJ to start producing their own music. Radio Shows and Personality, category audio clips and show profile, frequency, language and listenership are essential to be submitted with the application. Lastly, the fashion brand category – you need to have proof that you own your designs and garments for commercial use as for events your profile should clearly state the benefits of the community from your event.
  • The entry fee for each category must be paid in full.
  • Proof of payment should accompany the entry form or e-mail to: beatawards@beatmagazinesa.co.za

 All of the above must reach BEATMagazineSA or Guild Theatre by no later than the published closing date of the competition, being 20th April 2015.

 Categories available for this year’s awards are as follows:


Event of the Year Best Female Artist Promoter of the Year
DJ of the Year Best Male Artist Performance of the Year
Project of the Year Best Comedian Radio Show of the Year
Radio Personality of the Year Best Community Radio Fashion Brand of the Year
I Am Eastern Cape [Not Open] University of the Year [Not Open] Best Commercial Radio



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