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Bathandwa Ntsangane, born and bred in East London, fashion is my lifestyle, I love retail I also love working with people. I am a funny, friendly loving person, very ambitious and driven. I am all about fashion, clothing, designs and supporting local talent. My style is basically how I feel every day, it’s very colourful, original, quality and it expresses who I am.

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Look #1: As the founder of BOYXINI CLOTHING, I have to represent all the time. I don’t go anywhere without my gear, right now I am rocking my Boyxini Cap, with the Boyxini White Sweater, tight jeans and Timberlands.

Trends at the moment are peak caps, long line curved Tees, ripped jeans and camel tops. I am very excited on what’s to come for winter, look out for sweaters, bomber jackets and happy socks with sneakers normally they are worn with formal shoes. The Semi-casual looks like your jeans with shirts, T-shirt, blazer, bomber jacket is a style I believe will be followed a lot. In accessories sunglasses are picking up, headwear like peak caps and fish caps are making a trend lately. Ladies are also rocking bomber jackets as well which is something I think will escalate really well as we move on to winter.

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Look #2 – Semi-formal look with the happy socks which compliments the shirt, as you can see the short sleeve shirt has a bit of a colourful detailing which also brings out some tradition, showing culture and simplicity at the same time, which is kind of different.

I am supporting other local labels as well, such as this belt from “Silver stallion” and the shoes “Aldo” which is a bit of a vintage look and it also complements my shirt. The happy socks go nicely with the denim with a roll up at the bottom.

Trends that I have set are happy socks (those colourful/fun/trendy socks), they were not that popular in East London. I try to expose them a bit by rolling up the jeans. The trick in wearing them is; you either match your happy socks with your shirt or your happy socks can complement your whole outfit. Another trend that I like is short sleeve shirts, it is really not that popular yet. People prefer the long sleeves then roll them up. I just want to popularise the short sleeves which go well with anything whether formal or casual.

Look #3: this a basically more of a white theme with a break of a light blue denim, white sneakers, white shirt and a bit of a pull-over look just in case you go out and it gets a bit chilly. It also shows that you are clean with this fresh all white swag

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Rolling up your jean at the bottom is the In thing, just to create that extra vibe to your look it allows you to expose whatever you are wearing down there whether it’s the socks or the shoes you wearing, normally you roll up when you are wearing sneakers rather than wearing cuff pants that will hold you tightly. Back in the days our parents dressed a certain way, they couldn’t wear revealing clothing like shorts, so they always dressed modestly like dresses, suits and hats. Now in our generation there are no criteria where you can’t wear this; you can wear that. You are allowed to express yourself through fashion, you have the freedom to do as you please with the way you want to look, or even come up with trends like colouring your hair purple or whichever colour, no one is going to judge you on that.

Even though we are free to wear as we desire, but there are trends that you wish you wouldn’t see on the streets, trends such as the see-through outfits that expose your breasts or butts and the T-shirts that are overly torn showing off your chest and tummy. I believe they are overrated, it should just be kept mellow and simple. I think Yeezy is influencing a bit too much with this one.

You can find Tista on social media:

Facebook: Tista Kd Ntsangana

Instagram: iBhudda_Tista

Twitter: iBhudda_Tista

The photoshoot was done at East London International Convention Centre. For more information about ELICC go to: www.premierhotels.co.za



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