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Hello 2016, Nice outfit

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“When you look good, you feel good”, this was the order of the year for 2015, and it was evident at the Second Annual Countdown Music Festival 2015. The BEATMagazine SA fashion team attended the event to check out what BCMMers were going into the New Year wearing, and I must say they never disappoint. As per any summer prescription, the simpler and the brighter, the better. Shorts, shades and summer dresses dominated the event, with some having added a lot of accessories to enhance their looks from bland to grand. Here is what BCMM looked like leaving 2015 to enter 2016.


If that is how 2016 started, we can’t wait to see what fashion trends it will bring us. But in the meantime it’s out with the old and in with the new. People are showing some spice and dressing up for occasions.  A happy new year to our BEAT Fashionistas! Which summer style irritated you this summer?

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