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I dress up because my body shape allows me

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Meet Awonke Ntozini a Law Student at the University of Fort Hare, co-owner of an Events Company called “Selahqa Concepts”, she is also Freight Assistance driver at Transnet. “I enjoy travelling and reading books, but with the kind of work I do, it is hard doing some of the things that I enjoy”- Awonke said.


“You have a very interesting dress sense: How would you box Awonke’s fashion style?”

“Do I even have one? See the trick is, I understand my body so much that I know what will suit me and what will not. I like a bit of everything as long as it suits me. I can go from being sporty to being casual etc. if it looks good on me then trust me I will rock it.”IMG-20151121-WA0003

“How important is it to have your own style? Versus following trends?”

“I wouldn’t say it is or not because some people are not that creative and need other people to give them ideas on what to wear, and when hence you find people following trends and you find those that have their own styles. Whatever works for you STICK TO IT! ”


“When you wake up in the morning; what inspires your look for the day?”

“Hahahaha…I would say my mood because don’t always dress up. When I wake up in a good mood then I dress up just so someone else can see my mood from the way am dressed, and then there are those days that I feel too lazy and just grab whatever is in front of me. And of course when there is an event then I make sure that I go all out because I HAVE A REPUTATION TO MAINTAIN *hides* ”


“LOL ok, speaking about a “reputation”. To the people that follows your style; what tips can you give them to always be on point?”

“I would say it’s important for one to get to know their body more and understand it. No matter what size you wear something that will compliment your body. That’s what I always do”.


“According to you; what is a must have this summer?”

“A pair of gladiators, it can either be worn with shorts, a dress or a mini skirt but not with a pair of skinny jeans please ladies”.


Awonke’s style is defined by her sense of humor and mood. What do you think of her style, please share your ideas with us using the hashtag #FashionTuesday and Cc: @BEATMagazineSA and @LotusCindy




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