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Letting go of what is weighing you down

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As we grow and experience life, we go through some experiences that leave in us indelible imprints. Those imprints stay with us and form part of us. They can either be scars or stars. They are either what breaks us or what makes us. That which we shun or that which we are happy about and that which we celebrate. It is interesting to note that normally our stars seldom take precedence over our scars. Amazingly, it is the negative things that remain mostly in our minds for long. Our experiences tell us that we have failed before and that we will not make it again. This affects our self-esteem and our view of life and ourselves generally.

Some of these experiences get so engraved in our hearts that we tend to believe and think that they are a permanent part of us. But those things are not permanent, they are just a view of life that you have because of what you have been through. Those are views that we can change. We were never born with those thoughts about ourselves but life has thrown them at us such that we believe that they are real.We can, however, deal with this and change these views about ourselves. It starts with you changing your view about yourself. Circumstances around you and even your background cannot define you. Life has happened, but you are not your own circumstances.

Of great importance is that you need to understand where it all started. You do not like your body because someone told you that you were overweight , you were not looking pretty and you believed it. That’s exactly the thought you need to deal with. Write for yourself positive affirmations contrary to what was said to you. For every negative word that was said to you find a positive affirmation. Put them in a place where you are able to see and say them to yourself everyday. Say them repeatedly to yourself till they become real to you. Your mind, the most significant part of you, absorbs and believes these facts about you.

It goes the same way that negative things were said about you and you somehow believed them. As these facts become real to you; as you begin to believe them, you will act contrary to your old beliefs and more towards your new confessions. Tell yourself that you are not your own experiences, that you are bigger and better than that. Tell yourself that your life is not determined by what you went through years ago or even yesterday for that matter. Refuse to be defined by that circumstance.

Surround yourself with positive people that will impact positively on your life. You don’t need people that will impact you negatively anymore. There has been enough negativity already.You need people that will help you believe that you can make it in life. Generally as people we are known for pulling each other down, what is known as PhD syndrome. We sometimes specialize in pulling each other down. Maybe the change needs to start with you. You need to tell yourself that you will no longer weigh others down, but will say to them that which makes them feel better and allow them to grow, thrive and be better people. As you do that you will feel good and empowered as well. The same love and goodness you give to others will come back to you in one way or another.


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