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Lift as you rise!!!

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Each one of us at a certain point in our lives we’ve had dreams and aspirations that we wanted to work towards. The understanding that we need to put in certain effort to get there may be a motivation or demotivation for some. Anything that is worth our time and effort will give us pleasure when it has been accomplished. In our journey to reach those goals we are sure going to come across some stumbling blocks or obstacles, but these may not stop us from going forward. Unfortunately, though there are some who keep at it there are a few who will give up at the first sign of opposition.

Also in the journey we are always surrounded by people who play a certain role, sometimes a subtle one. Life provides us a support system that is directly linked to where we are going. We meet certain people who speak certain words in our lives. We come across certain books that carry a message that is needed for a particular period or circumstance. We may even watch a film on television that speaks to us in a way that touches a certain part of our lives. The fact of the matter is that there is always something going on.

On the other side of this journey are those who wish us to fail. Have you ever heard of the PHD syndrome? The ‘pull him/her down’ syndrome can hit anyone and it may not be easy to diagnose. Anyone who suffers from this syndrome doesn’t appreciate what others have accomplished. In fact, they always have something negative to say about those accomplishments. Now you may think this person is actually bad, far from it. This is someone who has actually tried to make it in life but gave up. They may seem like the most supportive and nicest people but deep down they are hurting and maybe confused. They look at others and feel like they are failures and so will act in a way that will make sure that others feel bad about their own success.

What do we do then when we come across people with this syndrome? Do we choose to stay away from them? I am sure we lose nothing by being helpful to others. In the true sense of the world, we end up helping ourselves. When we take the time to reach out to those who have forgotten their own light, we are allowing our light to shine brighter.

Women in particular have been known to suffer from the PHD syndrome. Whenever women see another woman driving a nice car; they would whisper amongst themselves that her man bought it for her. Women in business face more ridicule from other women as they are viewed as having slept their way to the top. Others are ridiculed for being not beautiful enough. By whose standards! Women have looked down on other women, called them horrible names just for the fun of it. It seems women feel better about putting other women down to lift themselves. Someone just wrote something that really resonated with me; “we complain about weak men yet the hand that rocks the cradle is not strong enough”.  As women we always complain about how the world is horrible and yet we are horrible to each other.

Our strength is not found in belittling others but in supporting each other. We are empowered by seeing the best in our sisters and letting them grow. We are strong because we do not operate in isolation but as a collective unit.

As we celebrate Woman’s Month, may we be reminded of our gift to nurture nations through our love. We may not be able to accomplish that to the fullest if we keep attacking each other. When we appreciate others we affirm our belief and acceptance of our own abilities. There no longer exists a separation but we are all one. So let us lift others as we rise!


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