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Lisa Pakatwana – I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in

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Meet Yolisa Lisa Pakatwana, working for social development, as a Supply chain management practitioner. We had a chance to get to know her fashion style.

  1. “How would you describe your personal style?”

“Okay my personal style not even based on the latest trends, I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in but while looking classy and stylish at the same time”.


  1. “How important is it to stay in fashion?”

“Staying in fashion for me is not really important but staying relevant is. I mean not every new fashion trend suits everyone. So I just think stay relevant but staying in fashion isn’t very important in my opinion”


  1. “What influences your way of dressing?”

“My dress sense is influenced by people who I meet who have a similar body structure to me. As well as people who I look up to career wise”


  1. “Tips in staying relevant this season?”

“Know what suits your body well and work it to the best of your ability. Look around to see what people were wearing last summer and this summer and adapt it to fit your own style”


  1. “What not to tear this summer?

“Those shorts made from your grandfathers jeans! Stop cutting your grandfather’s jeans and making them shorts. They look tacky”


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