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Lolo Vandal – Iinyembezi Zomxhosa

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Iinyemezi Zomxhosa is the debut independent album by Eastern Cape rapper Lolo Vandal. The project describes an African who has a lot of information to tell. It is schooling the new generation but gets no chance and attention from people who needs this information. The album features only two artists: a female vocalist Phe-Phe from Kwa-Zulu Natal and fellow King William’s Town artist Celtic. The project was done by two producers: G.O.D of Visible Creations Records from King William’s Town and a Nigerian producer Fresh. The album was promoted by “Akhonto” as the first single and “Ingoma Yam” as the second single.

Track listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Nam Ndingumxhosa Ft. Phe-Phe
  3. Ithongo Lam Ft. Celtic
  4. Ndenzwa Kuy’thanda
  5. Mamela Ft. Phe-Phe
  6. Ndinguy’undinguye
  7. Nam Ndiyathand’umntu Ft. Phe-Phe
  8. uSipho (True Story)
  9. Masibuyeleni Kwantu Ft. Phe-Phe
  10. Ikhona Into Endityayo
  11. Asizongodlala Ft. Loyal Crew
  12. Ayikho eBhetele

The album is available at: www.soundcloud.com/lolovandal

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