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Mr Selusazi shares his experiences

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Mfundo Matha who is better known as ProEx the Lusiki boy is the owner of the brand Selusazi Street Wear, coming from a business minded family, Matha takes us through the journey of the concept “Selusazi”. Selusazi started as something he describes as a joke because after updating each status on facebook he would say #YouAlreadyKnow, then it happened that one of his friends posted on his wall saying what does the name “SELUSAZI” mean in English and he responded with #YOUALREADYKNOW.

It was after that post when he started using the name Selusazi after each update, right after that most of his friends started addressing him as Mr Selusazi that is how this whole brand started.
Matha made his big steps in March 2013 when he decided to go up and down looking for a place to register the name of the brand and he had no idea where to start and he knew nothing about where to go but due to his hustle he managed to find place to kick-start the brand.


He explains further about his experience ‘The experience was very good because I have learned a lot of things like if you really want something, you must put a lot of effort in it, in order for one to achieve that’. Selling his very first item was very exciting for him because the first person who bought the item was his nephew, from that the idea of running a business had came up with a lot of challenges that he had to face like the critics, the hate from people saying he will never make it and a lot of negative things were said another challenge was that he had to face was to find suppliers for the material but through it all he ended up finding them.

Best moments for Matha and his brand is being nominated as the fashion brand of the year in BEATMagazineSAAwards2014 and getting 3 international orders last year .He has plans to go commercial or even retail with the brand, meaning at the moment he still working on a deal with two retail shops one from King William’s Town and the other from Johannesburg called Local Way.

People can get hold of Selusazi on call/WhatsApp 0787691952. Facebook page: Selusazi street wear twitter and instagram @selusazi_wear or they can just Google selusazi street wear.


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