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My Rights. My Responsibilities

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Human rights are the basic rights that everyone has, simply because they are human. They do not have to be earned and they are not privileges which someone gives to you. You have them from the moment you are born. Because they are rights, they cannot be taken away (although they can sometimes be limited).

The topic about human rights is a heavy one because everyone know their rights and the big question is, do we know that these rights come with responsibilities in order to activate them?. For instance everyone has a right to education and it is their responsibility to study so that they can pass to be deemed as educated.

Everyone has a right to equality but we know that practically in life this right is not applied the way it is stated in the bill of rights because individuals gain power over others. That allows them to be superior according to employment hierarchy or any place that has an operating structure so as to easily pass flow of work to the low income earners to get the job done.

20 years of democracy has passed and South African citizens are still looking to government to open employment opportunities for everyone in the country. That simply means people received the wrong message of the education rights because being educated doesn’t guarantee you employment but increases the chances and opportunities to make you employable as compared to an illiterate person. Even though experience also count as part of practical education and deemed as the most valuable entry for employment.

South Africans needs to realise humans are activated by actions and responsibilities they don’t just happen without any movement of action being implemented.

Let’s talk about this and be honest to ourselves. Ask yourself this question: Are you taking responsibility to your rights before complaining about them being violated?

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To get more information about South African Bill of Rights visit: www.constitutionalcourt.org.za/site.yourights/billofrights.html



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