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Sleeveless duster coats

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Seasons change especially right now we are in between seasons, so you might be indecisive on how to wear because we wake up with a sunny weather then, all of a sudden the weather changes to cloudy. Now you just wish you had a jacket on. We talking Sleeveless Duster Coats, this is one item that is perfect when it comes to Autumn fashion, you get the best of both worlds. I just love the idea of being able to move shoulders and arms about more freely in cool weather.


Now, you might be thinking: “Coats without sleeves? Really, fashion?” But sleeveless coats have a lot to offer on the practicality front. They can be formal or casual depending on the day. And they come in different forms, long or short length and different fabrics and styles. And it’s so easy to wear this because it just adds on to your outfit. Even though you are just wearing your simple jeans with a sweater throwing in that third piece, your sleeveless coat, the coat will elevate your look.

Other ways to you can wear your coat, is snapping it with a belt or leaving it open and loose. Wear a thick sweater with tights, over the knee boots and a scarf. Sleeveless Coats are like accessories, they go well with basically anything underneath, whether you at the office with your dress or trousers and a shirt or you having lunch on your jeans paired with a Polo-neck. you will be on point.



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