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Please read these terms of use carefully. Use of this web site constitutes the following: – You, the User, acknowledge and understand that by accessing and using this web site, you agree to these terms of use. Your use of this site and any of the services offered on this web site will be subject to the most current version of these terms of use posted on the site at the time of such use. When you utilize the services offered by us on this web site, you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable agreement with us and you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and accept these terms of use. When you subscribe to or utilize the services offered by us on this web site, you warrant that you are interested in the services offered.

If you do not accept these terms of use, you may not use any of the services available via this site. We may change any of these terms from time to time without further notice. Such changes will take effect as and when published. Therefore, you should keep up-to-date with their content and read these terms of use at all times prior to using this site since the then current version of the terms will apply to your use. By utilizing any of the services offered on this site or concluding any transaction via this site, you indicate that you have done so. Should you have any questions regarding this site’s terms of use, please send an e-mail to us at info@beatmagazinesa.co.za

  1. Definition and Interpretation

i)       Subscription – refers to users or readers who are registered on BEATMagazineSA’s database to receive the magazine delivered to them.

ii)     MPDGroup – refers to Mashexa Productions and Designs Group (Pty) Ltd, the company that owns BEATMagazineSA situated at No. 4 Constantia Court, Corner of St. James Road and Gately Street, Southernwood, East London, 5201.

iii)    Content refers to any information uploaded on our website this include: text, streaming designs, videos, hyperlinks, music or any other contained on the website.

  1. Access and usage by users

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as they explain exactly the kind of content that will be shown on BEATMagazineSA’s website. If you agree with them view our website and if you do not agree do not view any of the content.

Users are advised that they are accessing our website at their own risk. This website is loaded Eastern Cape content only; if you are looking something else pop out.

Or simply pass all your queries to us: info@beatmagazinesa.co.za

  1. Ownership and contents

All the material on the website, including the trademarks together with data is protected under BEATMagazineSA or its licensors. BEATMagazineSA allows users to download and retrieve and be able to print it for personal or non-commercial use.

 Users are advised not to make any commercial or either unauthorised use of parts of the content without prior consent from BEATMagazineSA and its parent company MPDGroup.

 Content is protected from national and international intellectual property infringements; any reproduction of the content from the website shall include:  Copyright BEATMagazineSA. All Rights Reserved.