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The Outbreak of Star Nyembezi

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“Joining Algoa FM was a blessing to me and I am grateful for the opportunity”


Who is Star Nyembezi and where did he grew up and born?

Star Nyembezi is a humble and down to earth guy who loves radio. Love helping people and enjoys listening to good music. Family oriented (Love my family). I was born in Cape Town and my dad moved to King William’s Town with me while I was an infant. I grew up in King William’s Town, from a rural area called “KwaNonKcampa”. I did both my lower and higher grades there. I came to Port Elizabeth in 2005 after I finished matric to further my studies and I’ve been here ever since.

How did you fell in love with radio?

I grew up listening to radio most of my life for music. I think though my passion was influenced by my eldest brother who is physically challenged, he spends most of his time listening to radio. He would laugh when he hears something funny or good mentioned on the radio. He would get more excited when one of his siblings names gets mentioned on the radio, dances when he hears good music. I just knew I wanted to be that person who makes the next person happy through this medium (radio). I was bitten by the radio bug and I decided I want to be on radio.

What does your job entails?

I started at Algoa FM in August 2015 as an OB Engineer and within a space of two months I moved to the production side of things as a Production Engineer for the station. This means that I am responsible for the production of all radio adverts, pre-recordings, jingles and a lot of other things. I have now been with the station for almost five months and already hitting the airwaves on Saturday nights from 22h00 – 02h00. I host a show that is musically driven so that means less talk and more music. My job is basically to make sure that I have light content that matches the music and work around presenting that content in an interesting way for our listeners.


How did you take the change from Bay FM to Algoa FM and how did that came about?

The change has been such a blessing in my life, joining Algoa FM is something I always dreamt about, I didn’t expect it would happen so soon in my radio career. I’m really grateful for the opportunity. I’m living my dream.

Do you have a mentor? If not how do you stay focused and grounded?

Yes I do have two people I can mention here – Chris Wright the Technical Manager and Baydu Adams Algoa FM program’s Manager. They have been giving me great advice and guidelines. Coming from a smaller station you don’t realise that you’re a small fish in the sea until you join the commercial world. I’m grateful to them for taking me under their wing – I’m really learning a lot.

What is the most difficult challenges that you’ve faced in your job line?

I would say it’s guests who do not respect time and interviews, it’s even worse when they don’t pitch up or at least communicate well in advance. Unfortunately radio works with seconds, so every wasted second counts. This has taught me to have backup content just in case interview doesn’t happen.

What is the greatest lesson that you’ve learnt in your career?

Dreams come through for those who are putting in work and when I am not working I enjoy reading as it keeps me grounded. I also do MC and voice over artist work.

How is your week looking like?

Just like most ordinary South Africans I work 8-5pm weekdays (Monday to Friday).  I gym, read up different stories that are happening locally, nationally and internationally.

If it was not radio, what would it be?

If I wasn’t on radio I will still be on radio ha ha. I love this medium so much. To answer your question though, I’m a professional Sound Engineer, so I would be doing live sound (for events, bands and even churches)

What are your future aspirations?

I don’t see myself doing radio presenting forever, part of my future aspirations is to move to the management level, either being a program’s manager ,technical manager or even station manager I don’t know what station for now, but that’s where I’m headed.

What do you want to achieve in 2016?

Definitely growth in my career. I want to be better than I was in 2015. I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills and talents. I am also looking at ways I could give back to the community.

What keeps you cool and calm after a long day at work?

Gym O’clock is my favourite time of the day. It always refreshes and clears my mind and also listening to my favourite music helps me to unwind.

What advice would you give to budding personalities who looks up to you?

That don’t give up on your dreams, you just need to keep pushing and pushing, at some point something has to give. Self believe is everything, you could change the world with self-belief. And hey if you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect the next person to! #BelieveInYourSelf

How people connect you (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

Yes please, they can follow me on Twitter: @star_nyembezi  | Facebook: Star Nyembezi on Algoa  |  Instagram: @starnyembezi



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