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The pace of lifestyle vs. personal development

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Always try to be better than yesterday and Push Beyond Your Limits.

The pace of life is getting faster as days go by with a lot of people being caught up in a stand-still with little or no time for introspection. We always want to belong to groups of associations that look cool at now, forgetting about the future. Technology has taken over our lives in such a way that a status message is deemed more important than a notice with a high variation when it comes to likes and comments.

We increase our standards of living on a daily basis than what we bank monthly. Do you ever think about printing or downloading your bank statements and go through them? You could be spending your funds where they don’t add value. A simple logic situation is buying a bottle of whiskey that costs R2000 as compared to contributing the money towards a child’s education or your family’s groceries. We all have a mandate and purpose to live our lives the way we want it – but what does your conscious say when you purchase an item that is more expensive than someone’s salary.


Circumstances shouldn’t guide your desired future but they should create a learning environment for you to find out your purpose in life. Living life with an anchor that keeps opening a void that pushes you to be extravagant just to make a statement among peers. Is this life NO I call it living backwards. Think about your future, the things you wanted to do when you get that dream job and write them down then match them with your current achievements. Planning our lives is not easy and it will never be because one has to deal with temptations everyday therefore self discipline always trigger your conscious about what is right or wrong.

Always think ahead, your future generation doesn’t have to suffer because you made extreme decision just to belong in circle of people that have their own issues and problems to deal with. Have you ever heard of the term “Charity begins at home”. Yes this term!!! Think about your parents, your family and what they had for supper before opening your wallet to meet your desire.

Start planning your life according to your finances and deviate from your anchor points because 2015 should be about you being honest and real to yourself. Find it in your heart to accept that social inequalities will always be there if you chase other peoples achievements instead of making a better life by empowering yourself. I always look at myself in the mirror and ask these questions:

  • When do I want to retire and how will my retirement look like?
  • Who is going to take care of my kids education?
  • What do I want to achieve in life?
  • How can I contribute towards giving back to the community?

Then do a review on how far am towards these questions and the answer is simple because I started all of them. Every day I contribute my time and resources towards making sure that I meet my objectives.

Always try to be better than yesterday and Push Beyond Your Limits because you have yourself to blame when your life is not going well. Do the right and find a life coach, mentor and keep God closer to you every day.


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