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The state of public transport in the Eastern Cape

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South Africa is a developing country and many citizens depend on public transport to get around every day. South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) confirmed in 2013 that approximately 15-million people rely on taxis for daily transport. It can be safely said that transportation plays a huge role in our everyday lives and whether you do have your own car or you do not, you still need transport because most of our daily activities need to take place outside our homes and thus; you need to use transport.

In the Eastern Cape alone transportation affects private businesses, educational institutions, and health care services. Unfortunately, not everyone has a car of their own, so public transport is the only way to go.

In your own city, town or location how is the transportation system?

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The full article will be featured next week Thursday with all views discussed and analysed to gauge better understanding of the state of public transportation systems.



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