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What love is?

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An unknown author once wrote “there is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.” Love is one thing that is most valued, sought after and desired. It is one of the most talked about subjects, yet it remains elusive to some of us. What is love? Love is defined in many ways, with maybe no agreed upon definition,this however does not lessen its impact precisely because love is more easily experienced than defined.

It is one of the greatest forces in the universe.It makes us look at and do things differently.  What you look at and find unattractive ordinarily, when you look at it with the eyes of love it suddenly looks perfect. It remains one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Love, for no reason has power to put a smile on your face. It is strong enough to make a grown men act like a teenager simply because we thrive when we are loved and we have power to do more when we are loved!


Many say it is not a feeling that you have when you see someone, it is not the butterflies in your tummy, the heart that beats fast, but love is in fact more than that. Many believe if we only attached it to these physical reactions, we would reduce its significance, because after all the physical reactions are gone love still remains. It is a decision that you make and are willing to stick to it even when you don’t feel like it.Love is a connection between two people.

 It is not just confined to what you feel for your partner, there is love for family, friends and love we have for humanity at large, the God kind of love. It does not matter the kind of love you are all about, to be able to love others you need to love yourself first. You should be able to appreciate yourself before you can appreciate others. You need to be able to care about yourself before you care about others. The truth is, you can only give what you have.

As we celebrate the month of love, let’s remember to spread love and make giving and receiving love a daily experience and not just something we feel for each other only in this significant month! Let’s choose the beauty of love! People need love: a friendly face, a smile, a warm hug or a kind gesture goes a long way. If we loved each other more, I believe, the world will be a better place. I have decided to love more!!!



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