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Why I Opened My Own Clothing Boutique and Salon

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Walk into eLifestyle Boutique in East London, Quigney and you feel you’ve stepped into a perfectly instagrammed photo on your favourite style blog. The place looks beautiful and colourful with Modern and Vintage Clothing, you find everything in one place. There are stacks of cool essentials like the famous “Tutu” skirts, Lace tops, Bodycon Dresses, Leather Shorts, Waist Trainers, Designer Shoes and Handbags and Weaves.

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The Boutique also includes a salon inside, image consultancy and nails.

“I am Ntandokazi Ngoma from uMthatha, now based at Bhisho. I studied “Communications “at the University of Fort Hare. Then I realised I need to start my own business and I knew what I wanted to do, because I was always interested in the manufacturing process of the business and getting the clothes to the stores” – she said.

The idea of doing a boutique with a salon in one place came, because I grew up at “Engcobo” and it was always a struggle to have to come to East London to shop and spend hours at the salon, whereas I still have to travel back home. So I knew I had to do something about it. And so I opened up “ELifestyle Boutique”.

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We cater for different clients, whether you are a plus size, small, tomboy or classy. We encourage women to embrace their bodies to feel comfortable in how they look. ELifestyle is fan based we connect with our clients through social media and we have opinion polls were we what to hear what you want. Our style depends on what is in or what our people/clients want for that period. And you can order online.

When we started off last year in December, we had suppliers who are not from here, then we decided that, let’s be local so now some of our clothes are made by “Thabo” he’s a fashion designer also building he’s own brand. We would have other collections from certain brands as well. I would love to partner with local designers in selling their clothes here so I encourage people to come here.

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What we showcasing at the moment are “Tutus”, which were requested by our clients. What I love about them is the colour and the fact that we have different sizes up to size 44 and you can wear them with anything.

What i am hoping to achieve for my business is, I don’t what “Elifestyle” to be based in Quigney only; but to be in each and every town especially in small towns, so that people there can easily access the boutique. Our vision is not only to expand but to cater to different people including children at some point.



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