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Woman doing great things for themselves

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Yolanda Toni

Yolanda Toni

Managing Director: TNT Foods – A business that does catering, hiring of mobile bar fridges and event management.

I always wanted to run my own business after years of working in different jobs and industries. There’s almost nothing that can stop you from achieving your own goals, I’ve on my low started on the bottom of the ladder selling hot dogs outside clubs into actually managing clubs while studying towards a nursing course. Don’t ask me how I ended up in this industry rather than the medical sector being a nurse.

I started the catering division in December last year and I faced a number of challenges like clients who order sophisticated food that needs to be prepared earlier. This made it  so difficult for us to deliver such orders.

Secondly, price changes in the market highly affect our menu as we experience unexpected expenditures as well as wastage and employee demands.

How do you deal with these challenges? I always make sure that I work on issues that at hand especially employee grievances to ensure that the business is running smoothly. I try by all means to set realistic goals that need to be met and have a clear budgeting plan to avoid unnecessary expenses.

She started the business using her own resources call upon investors and she got an anonymous investor who assisted financially and in stock to the business.

You can also do it, start small until your business shapes up. Then look for people and companies to invest in a running business than asking people to invest their resources in an idea that is not been tested to the market.  Entrepreneurs have a tendency of wanting to pursue dreams that too big for them to manage thus making it difficult for investors to put their money.

You can search for investors online in a number website such “Be Your Own Boss” among other good investment sites. The easiest investment is to get people that believe in your idea to invest like your mentor, teacher or family.


NOTE: When you are looking for an investor you must be willing to lose a certain percentage of your business.



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