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Zitha Nyela – Hustler at heart

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Roxtar Streetclass is highly stylish clothing brand which was created in February 2011. It’s a brand that combines the freshness of young with a more classy approach. The brand caters for both females and males and targeted for the youth. Roxtar Streetclass is a vanity clothing brand created by a young and ambitious Mdantsane born entrepreneur Zitha Manyela.  Zitha describes the word “Roxtar” as more provocative in expressing his desire for the growth and development of the brand. Someone who is a Roxtar is always above the average, making them to feel extra-ordinary as compared to the rest.

Who is behind the brand?

The company is owned by Zitha Manyela an ambitious young entrepreneur from Mdantsane NU 8. He states that the brand combines kasi style with an urban feel to bring you best of both worlds; which allows it to be more appealing to a wider market.

When did you discover your love for fashion and how did you turn into a business?

Ever since I was in primary school I fell in love with fashion and style. In 2009, I decided to turn it into a business but back then I started a brand called Mdantsane’s Favourite in order to get more experience before pushing Roxtar as a brand. The first brand was more of an eye opener andit was more appealing to Mdantsane market. In order for it to reach more people I was prompted to come out with a new and inviting brand, RoxtarStreetclass.This is the brand that accommodates everyone and not limited to one place, leading to its release in 2011 but it was not registered back then. There was a need to focus on marketingand make the brand more familiar and lucrative to the market,that is when I met Chumile Portia Payi who assisted in marketing Roxtar.  We started with three t-shirts as a sample and to get public feel and feedback. DJ Mfundisi became one of the first people who promoted the brand as we wore it in 2013 in the annual Sixties Party, and the response was amazing.  We started selling t-shirts, then sweaters, vests and snapbacks.

What are the challenges that you are faced with as a young entrepreneur trying to enter the business world? (How do you plan to overcome them?)

The main challenge is to get recognition as many people are still unfamiliar withmy work. Secondly the brand is in the development phase without funding and financial backing to expand it.  At the moment there is no plan other than working towards putting the brand out thereas well as working towards its recognition.

Where do you see yourself in the next twelve months within the Eastern Cape fashion industry?

The vision for the brand in the next twelve months is to make the brand more visible and expand it to the whole of the Eastern Cape not just circulating around the Buffalo City Municipality. I take this as my ticket to glory, because this business is my life. RoxtarStreetclass respects me as an entrepreneur and I believe that RoxtarStreetclass is the future.

What is your target market and what sets Roxtar apart from other local vanity brands?

Roxtar Streetclass is highly stylish clothing brand that combines the freshness of young with more classy approach. The brand caters for both females and males mainly targeted at the age group of 18 – 35 years, venting it to everyone.The brand aims at connecting the new culture and old genuine style of fashion by building a base for existing markets that will be related to everyone.

What is your ultimate dream that you would like to achieve in life?

My biggest dream is to be well rounded and successful as an individual that will drive the economy making it to the stock exchange. Having freedom to live freely in a society where power is in my hands.

Describe RoxtarStreetclass in three words.


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Twitter @RoxtarSC_Wear | Facebook: Roxtar#Streetclass


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